Social Media Guidelines

Allergan social media community guidelines

Welcome to Allergan’s social media! Here are a few things you should know when visiting, commenting or posting to our channel. By using or accessing these pages, you agree to comply with the platform’s Terms and Conditions.
We encourage positive comments and contributions from visitors of this page. However, it is important to note that postings by others do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Allergan, nor does Allergan confirm their accuracy.

Your comment or post is missing from our page. Here are a few reasons why that may have happened.

Allergan’s social channels were set up to share news, updates and company happenings with you. We want to get your thoughts and feedback, but there may be instances in which we have to pull a comment or cannot respond.

Your comment contains vulgarity or abusive language

We encourage and welcome your comments and feedback, providing you share your viewpoint in a way that is respectful to us and our community, and is not inappropriate, off-topic, abusive, harassing, profane, spamming in nature or promoting/soliciting third-party sites, initiatives or products.

Your comment references a side effect

If you believe that you have experienced any medical side effects or reactions from an Allergan product, you should immediately seek medical treatment. We also encourage you to report these directly to us using the information on our Drug Safety Page at

Call Allergan on 1800 252 224 or Email :

Your comment references a product (ours or someone else’s)

We work in a regulated industry which does not allow us to engage in sensitive topics, or discussion(s) about products – ours or other companies’ – or treatment options on this channel.

Other reasoning

There is a chance we’ll encounter a situation not outlined above, which will require us to remove your comment. Of course, if this does happen and you feel it is unfair, please reach out to us via or by calling 1800 252 224 so we can talk about it. We will try to update the above list if we find a new reason for comment removal.

Allergan will routinely monitor comments and respond to your messages in a timely manner where appropriate. Allergan reserves the right to remove any posts that do not adhere to our guidelines and to block anyone who violates them repeatedly.